Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Plump Dolls - Origins

I have the great pleasure of working with all of the gorgeous gals at www.plumpdolls.com and this is what inspired me to produce the site!

The idea behind Plump Dolls sprung from a desire to create a place where big girls from plump to "super sized" could display their bodies in whatever way they wanted to. To be able to express their own individual styles, fetishes, desires, turn ons, art, creativity, in a way they would become empowered by. Freedom to be themselves is highly encouraged.

When I first started web modeling I was on a HUGE multi-girl site where BBWs were rare finds. Then I moved to a BBW exclusive multi-girl site for about 5 months before venturing off on my own. www.GwenDolan.com has been the result since late 2005. From my time on multi-girl sites I learned a lot about what I didn't like and what I would change if I was ever a webmaster. When it comes to my work as a model I hate to be censored and told I "can't" do or show something. So with the creation of PD I decided to give all of the models accepted into the site free reign on what type of content they provided.

There are no restrictions (aside from illegal stuff) as opposed to other multi BBW sites. All of the models on PD are 200 pounds or more. Why so low for a BBW site? Well because even at 200 pounds most women are considered "fat", "curvy", or "plump" by society's standards. Plus I personally like any girl with womanly curves. The girls on PD can submit softcore/pinup content all the way to full on hardcore . . . anything goes! And THAT my friends is the beauty of Plump Dolls. You never know what you're going to get with the next update. And us girls like to keep you guessing.

So what you'll see when looking around back in the member area is extreme diversity. I absolutely love seeing what all of the ladies come up with!  They inspire me to not only be a better model, but a better webmaster, simply because I was there when I started and not everyone in the industry was so willing to extend a helping hand. There are a LOT of sites out there, with a lot of girls to choose from, but the difference between the Dolls and many other sites is that they are exposing so much more than skin. They're exposing "themselves".

So that's why PD is here. Thanks to all of my girls on PD and to all of my Honorary Dolls who make this site possible and keep on kicking ass!

(Adapted from "The Madam is Here" at the Plump Dolls member forum)

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Detta Vendetta said...

I am very honored to be among the wonderful ladies on Plump Dolls. The ability to express yourself freely was a huge part of my desire to be on PD. I also really dig the inclusion of models who are on the smaller end of the BBW scale. Being around 200lbs puts you in a no man's land where you are too big for conventional modeling but too small for plus sized. At PD however, I feel confident and welcome. I think one of our greatest strengths is the diversity we show. There's a whole buffet of different types of beautiful big women to chose from. That is very cool.

Thanks Gwen, for all that you've done and continue to do.