Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get:

Q: How old are you?
A: When asked this in my chat room I always love replying with, "How old do you think I am?" because most people don't believe that I'm 33. Maybe it's my Irish heritage that keeps me young looking or maybe it's just that I'm a kid at heart so I don't act very "mature", but it's true I am in my early 30's. I've never lied about my age but I know quite a few models that do, and hey that's their own prerogative. I'm just me and my age is a part of who I am.

Q: Are you single?
A: Nope, I have a great guy who is also my photographer and partner in crime. But just because I'm in a relationship doesn't mean I can't flirt and fulfill a man's fantasy.

Q: Do you like facesitting?
A: In all honesty I have yet to get a willing victim under my massive cheeks. I have loved doing facesitting simulations in my cam shows and site videos, but I'm anxious to try it with a real boy! It's in the works so keep an eye out.

Q: Are you bisexual?
A: I'd say that I'm more "bi-curious". I'm really picky when it comes to women but I have had a few "experiments" with women in the past. Us women know what we like and to have two women pleasing each other is an amazing experience. There's nothing like kissing a girl with soft full lips! Mmmmm

Q: Are you a gainer?
A: No I'm not into gaining, and never have been. There are women out there that love to gain, but I'm in charge of this body and I do what I see fit for it, gaining not being one of them.

Q: How much do you weigh and what was your heaviest?
A: I currently weigh in at about 360 pounds. My heaviest weight was about two years ago when I tipped the scales at 405 pounds. I actually heard a rumor going around that I had gotten WLS! This really made me laugh. IF I had gotten WLS (which I never would) then I would have lost a lot more weight and it would have all been off two years later. I wasn't comfortable at 405, so I did something about it.

Q: Do men stare at you when you walk down the street?
A: Not that I really notice, but I don't pay that much attention either, especially when I'm alone. When I'm with people though I've been told about guys checking me (or my ass) out as I leave a room. It's always good to have a second pair of eyes to catch the lookers.

Q: Why and how did you start modeling?
A: Back in 2001 my then boyfriend and I took some naughty pictures of me for fun, and I loved it! It made me feel so confident and sexy. Then we ran across the site for Southern Charms and I saw all these women showing off their bodies and the men lapping it up. I thought, "Hey I can totally do this!" . . . so I did. After a few years with SC I was approached by a pinup site and joined them for a very short stint before starting my own solo site. The rest is history!

Q: Will you ever do hardcore?
A: In my SC days I did some hardcore content but since leaving all those years ago I decided to tone it down a bit and go to softcore/pinup content. I prefer getting nasty live, so if you want the harder Gwen you have to come in for a private session, which I think is WAY better!

Q: What models have you worked with?
A: Quite a few! My very first time working with other models was I believe back in 2004/2005 and I got to meet and shoot with Tuscany Blu and Hottie Megan. I had so much fun doing sets with other models and since then I've shot with: Brie Brown, Buffie (BigCuties), Curvy Sharon, BBW Olivia, Sassy (from the UK), Tori DeLuca, Vermillion, Synful Dame, Honey Parker, Medusa Prime. As far as being the photographer I have photographed: Vermillion, Synful Dame, Medusa Prime, Honey Parker, Miss Fortune, BBW Olivia, Salacious Sasha, Riley Ryder, Maxii, Buffie.

Q: Does your ass get stuck in chairs & Have you ever broken something just by sitting on it?
A: Yes, sometimes my ass gets into trouble with chairs that have arms. I don't think most chair makers envisioned someone with hips like mine to be gracing their thrones. I particularly have issues with theater seating, airline seats, and restaurant chairs that have arms. I've actually never broken anything just by sitting on it, I guess my weight gets distributed evenly around my massive butt area. LOL

I suppose it was only a matter of time people.

So I was sitting outside tonight contemplating the world and thinking about how fun it's been doing my awesome job in the adult BBW niche. There are a lot of things I can share with you the audience and even though I'm not much of a writer, I think this might be kind of therapeutic. So here I am, laying in bed with my laptop, naked, at just after 1:00 AM on a Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning. My fat orange tabby boy Kryten is laying next to me, reminding me of the overfed "Puss in Boots" from the newest Shrek.

Anyhow, I guess I had better tell you all a little background on myself in case you don't know who I am or what I do. My name is Gwen Dolan, and many of you might know me as simply "BBWGwen". I have been modeling on the web for the last nine years in the adult BBW niche. I'm a creative pear shaped woman that produces photos and booty shakin' videos for my website:

Aside from my modeling I'm also the webmaster and owner for and which I adore. I work with the hottest, most confident, coolest fat chicks around! When I'm not taking my own clothes off or publishing sets of women who do, I'm behind the camera photographing women taking their clothes off (see, best job ever). I love meeting new confident sexy women that want to show off their womanly curves.

If you can't find me at the computer doing updates, in front of the camera posing for my latest vision, or behind the lens capturing raw sex appeal, you're likely to find me on cam. Since August of 2009 I've been doing webcam shows and private VIP sessions at: All BBW Cams. Let me just say that I have the BEST time doing cam shows! I have met so many great people in my chat room and quite a few interesting characters. I'm typically always giggling or laughing because it's like a friggin' party in there. My private shows are where I get completely naughty and have the pleasure of satisfying my viewers live. I think there's something so sexy about having a live effect on a man. Throwing him a certain look or flick of the hair that you know is slowly driving him crazy in his pants. LOVE it!

So as you can see I'm sort of a "Jill of all Trades". With that I get asked a LOT of questions from all over the board. So following my very first post here on the blog I'll post some F.A.Q. to answer some of those burning questions. If you have a question for me feel free to comment with it, I'm pretty much an open book, but beware . . . I'm also a sarcastic smart ass.

WOO for my first blog!