Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I kicked my own ass and i'll do it again!

So here I am again, back to the blog. I'm writing this up as I sit here fast forwarding through an old "America's Got Talent" in order to catch my favorite act, "Fighting Gravity". I tell ya, if you haven't seen them they are WAY cooler than the Blue Man Group. So anyhow, I'm sitting here in bed after taking some Tylenol PM (we'll get to that in a second if I don't fall asleep before the end) in my panties and my Threadless t-shirt. Let's see if you can figure this one out:

No? Well don't worry I'll clue you in at the end. Today was the day I decided I HAD to get to the gym after putting if off for weeks in an effort to further define this pear shaped body of mine. So I threw on my jogging pants and a tight workout tee and headed down to the gym this afternoon. Once there (since my iPod is taking a dirt nap) I decided to put on the most mindless show I could find on the TV above the treadmill so I didn't have to pay attention  . . . "Maury". In particular I believe the episode was called "My son is blind but I can see that he's not the father!". See, I told ya . . . mindless.

**Side note: Fighting Gravity just came on and although I love what they do, this round wasn't as good as the previous ones I've seen. Maybe I need to rewind and watch again. One moment . . . . . . . . . . . meh, second time was about the same.**

So yeah, there I am at the gym ready to kick my own ass. It's what I set out to do and I'll be damned if that's not exactly what I did. To give you an idea of how I spent my hour there: Leg press, leg curl machine, free weights, push ups, seated row, lateral pull downs, bench press, overhead press, and finally the treadmill for a brisk walk/jog. I worked up a good sweat and by the time I got off the treadmill and back onto stationary ground I felt like I was STILL on the treadmill. lol By the time I got home I felt like someone had punched me square in the pecs. You'd think that after a beating like that I'd curl up in bed and never venture into the gym again. But I have to admit, it felt good afterward, and the more I do it the easier it will become. Back to the grind tomorrow!

I think I'll be passing out now . .

P.S. Did you figure out my shirt yet, or did you peek ahead? The answer to my shirt is the "Best Mime Ever".

P.P.S. Oh and by the way, the blind guy WAS the father!

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