Friday, August 27, 2010

Worst Parents EVER! ~Pirahana *SPOILER ALERT*~

I took the opportunity yesterday to go see a completely brain dead movie, because I had a long day of work and really needed to have some "non-thinking" time. So the only logical choice was to go see Piranha in 3D. lol I love a good mindless gore fest, but this movie actually shocked me! When the movie started I thought I heard a little voice behind me, but I was in my "Shhhhh the movie is starting, shut the hell up" mode so I didn't pay it any attention.

So the movie starts . . . and I swear within the first 10 minutes I saw tits, there was cussing up the wazoo, and a guy got chewed to the bone. So, ok . . this is going to be a REAL gore fest! This movie had it ALL! There were lots and lots of of tits . . like a LOT! Not to mention all of the cussing, boozing, drug usage, underage drinking, blood, guts, severed body parts, assholes, bimbos, and the like. Seriously . . I consider a movie REALLY rated R when you get to see a floating severed penis that gets eaten, and then spit out half eaten. HELLO!

You'll know when a movie affects me because I'll either cry (dramatic romance) or slap your leg while waving my hand around because something is grossing me out. The leg slap happened a lot throughout this movie, it was just THAT disgusting. So after a lot of "Oh my God!" exclamations, we get to the end of this crazy horrific ride, the lights come up, I stand ready to leave, look behind me and see . . . a flippin' 3 or 4 year old! All joking aside, a set of parents decided to bring their toddler to a VERY "R" rated movie, chock full of everything a kid should NOT see! I was simply appalled at the lack of parenting skills these people had. It just didn't make any sense why someone would bring their toddler to this movie of all things when they could have seen "Despicable Me" which would have been so much more appropriate.

All I could think about after that was how traumatized this poor little boy was going to be for who knows how long. Geez, man . . I would imagine as a little boy seeing a severed penis floating around you'd never go in the water again. Much like Jaws was for us older folks. So yeah, my point being . . . please leave the kids at home with the babysitter if you really want to see an "R" rated movie, because someone may not be a nice as I was in keeping my mouth shut!


P.S. Steven Moffat's "Sherlock" is BRILLIANT!

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