Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Male Girdles -Good Idea | Bad Idea?

The other night while watching late night TV I saw a commercial for something that had me laughing my butt off. The "Slim T's", Men's Body Shaping Tank. Really people? Do we really need our guys stuffing themselves into a male equivalent of the girdle, complete with a secret! Bring on Victor's Secret: (according to the product's website) "The secret is 12 uniquely designed firming panels that trim and tighten your problem areas." It looks like the guy is wearing a fake six pack! Trust me fellas if you're trying to look slimmer to impress a woman do it the hard way, because if I was putting my hands on a man's chest only to feel seams and pads . . LOL . . we're done. Soooo . . .

Good Idea: Working out at the gym to strengthen your muscles and tone your body in order to boost your self esteem and be more attractive to the ladies (or guys if that's your thing).

Bad Idea: Wearing a male girdle to make yourself appear in better shape only to watch your woman's "chick boner" deflate when you start disrobing.

Just say NO to man girdles, trust me!


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