Thursday, August 12, 2010

You CAN Handle the Truth!

I was thinking about my "A Closure at the Rumor Mill" post and I was thinking back on some other past and present fabrications about me that really blew my mind. It's funny how you hear these things from random people and it might takes ages for it to get back to you, which inevitably by the time you hear it, it's already picked up traction. So ya know I thought since this is my blog I can say whatever I want because it's all mine.Guess what. That's exactly what I'm going to do. So let's do this people and get it ALL out there!

Here are a few doosies that threw me for a proverbial loop (- Newest to oldest - ):

Falsity #1: I left my husband and ran away with Vermillion.
Reality Check: LOL Now I love Vermillion, who is a FRIEND and nothing more. We're great dorky buddies that call each other "Dude". If you've ever seen a video of us or seen us on cam you'll know right away that there is nothing sexual between us. Of course I think she's a knockout, but I'm very straight.

Falsity #2: I got WLS (Weight Loss Surgery).
Reality Check: Done and covered in "A Closure at the Rumor Mill"

Falsity #3: That I force my models to show "pink".
Reality Check: I take a lot of offense to this one because it could not be further from the truth! I would never and have never forced ANYONE to do something they didn't want to. If you read my last post then you'll see how I operate, and that is allowing my models to show whatever THEY want . . not me. As a photographer I treat my models with 100% respect and professionalism. When I'm shooting a model I always make sure to let her know that we'll be doing whatever SHE is comfortable with, and I talk through the whole shoot either providing direction or funny little quips. 

Falsity #4: I used to be a hardcore porn star, turned "soft".
Reality Check: Now this one really had me rolling, and I almost came close to peeing my pants. When I first started modeling on the web I had done maybe three "hardcore" videos for my site. Shortly thereafter I realized that it just wasn't for me, so I stopped producing content like that. In the few harder videos I did do they were mainly by myself, but if there was a guy in them with me then that's my husband. 

I think that's about all of the ones I've heard or was told by a reliable source. I hope you found most of them as funny as I have. If you hear something that you think might be a rumor, just ask me! I think more people should have the gonads to go to the source for the truth.



Ragen nolee said...

I am one of Gwen's girls at plumpdolls and I can tell you with 100% proof that she does NOT make us show ANYTHING that we don't want to. She is VERY open about that, it is all upto ME on what I show not her so f'u whoever is saying that!!!!!!!!!!

Gwen Dolan said...

Thanks for the post Ragen! Ya know I always tell people, if you have questions about a certain webmaster or how they run things . . just ask their models! =)

P.S. Loved the "f'u"! LOL