Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Shoulda Been a Cop!

I always wanted to be a cop, but I was never in the "shape" for it. My local academy requires it's recruits to run five miles a day, and although I'm getting in shape I'm no where close to having that stamina! But when I was 12 I moved away from Seattle and ended up in Montana. What a culture shock! Just about everyone in town owned a gun or rifle and my family (coming from a military and police background) eventually bought some firearms as well. We really fit in then!

So at the age of 13, I learned how to handle and shoot (quite accurately) hand guns and rifles. I'm proud of the Annie Oakley status everyone thought I had achieved, and to this day my .357 is in my night stand.  Coming from a family that was in law enforcement I've kinda been into the idea of joining the "force" on and off throughout my life. Through a family member I acquired an ex-cop car complete with ram bars, side light, and antennas. I opted to have the prisoner cage and handcuff molded back seat removed or replaced. But as you can imagine when I come rolling down the freeway . . people MOVE! It's a dark car and I think a lot of people are so used to cops looking like me it freaks the hell out of them! LOL Sometimes I'll purposely wear all black and don my spiffy shades to make myself look extra authoritative.

You'd be simply shocked at how many people will hit the brakes when they see me rolling up behind them! If they don't move out of my way they slow WAY down, which always makes me laugh. Like today I had this guy in a total beater car coming onto the freeway and he was on his cell phone (which is illegal here without a hands free device). As he merged on we locked eyes and I gave him the "You know that's illegal right?" look, and boy did he get far behind me. Once he caught up to me as I exited I noticed that he was giving me the "Wait, is she REALLY a cop?" look. I'm telling ya, it's priceless!

I really dig my ride because it's intimidating, and can probably out run most sports cars. She's a boat, but she's a mean one! So be warned, if you drive with me and my lead foot, you better hold on.  =)

Remember, hang up and drive!

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