Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dispelling the myths . . . Horse Dick Guy

I think this post might help some of you guys plagued with the myth that all women want guys with big dicks. It all came together tonight when sitting here in bed I turned to see what the newest episode of the HBO series "Pornacopia" had on tap. When I read that one of the topics was extreme fetishes including sheep it brought me back to a guy I saw on a free cam site earlier today. Thus comes . . . the Horse Dick Guy.

I saw the screen capture of this guy stroking what appeared to be the biggest dick I've ever seen. So of course I had to click through to verify. lol Sure enough there towered before the cam what had to be a world record holder for a human tripod. Judging from his hand placement I'd wager this one eyed monster was roughly 13-14 inches. Now, my first thought was this, "Holy shit that thing is HUGE!!" and my second thought guys?  . . . "OUCH!" Then I just felt sorry for the guy because he had a gigantic horse penis. It was the length of one and the head was smaller than the rest, giving it a very "equestrian" feel.

You see guys, despite what the pornos would have you believe not all woman drool over a giant bulging package. Don't get me wrong, it's a big turn on when I can tell I give a guy a boner but if when he unzips, a fire hose comes reeling out . . I'm calling it a night! Think about it this way, the average aroused vagina stretches up to four inches. So let's say the above average vagina will stretch another two inches (keeping in mind that when unaroused it's length is between 2.5 - 3 inches) so that means Mr. Horse Dick will probably only get less than half of his monster cock into your average woman.

I would imagine that most guys prefer going "balls deep" when getting down and dirty, and most women want orgasms without the fear of impalement. So to all of you guys out there worried that what you're packing isn't "impressive" enough or you're considering buying some male enhancement pills . . . don't. You're more than likely going to satisfy your women beyond her wildest dreams. All you need to know is how she likes to be "sexed up". Good luck and remember size really isn't everything!


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