Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Weekly Indulgence: Sushi & Making it "Special"

Being a self-proclaimed "foodie" that is also losing weight can be challenging. So every week I try to fit in an indulgence or splurge if you will. It keeps me on track with being good all week when I can look forward to enjoying something I love come the weekend. Today I decided to delight in one of my favorite foods . . . SUSHI!! Because it's such a delicacy for me I treat my meal with great respect to make it seem really "special". I pop on over to my local Blue C Sushi and grab all of my favorites to go off of the sushi carousel that runs through the entire restaurant. Very metro.

Here's where I'll start sounding like a women with an obsession (and if I am obsessed, I'll take that moniker and wear it proudly). There's a process involved when preparing to dive head long into a plate full of decadent raw fishies. I "plate" my sushi in order to give it all a very elegant and gourmet feeling. **For those of you readers that LOVE sushi this will probably make you drool a little so grab a hanky. The rest of you that loath the idea of eating raw fish, you might want to turn away.** So I arrange everything like so (Yes, this is actually my dinner that I shot a picture of) :

What you're seeing here is as follows starting clockwise: Sesame noodles, Edamame, Philadelphia Roll, Salmon Nigiri, Seared Tuna (with sauce), my most favorite of all the Spider Roll with soft shell crab, and a side of soy sauce. Now when eating such flavorful seafood I must use a system so that each piece gives the most satisfaction. So I'll typically start with a Philly roll and alternate around the plate enjoying each piece as I enter into a magical sushi coma. LOL

The great thing about sushi is that it's all very lean and pretty darn healthy for you. Plus the fact that my guy HATES it with a passion, there's no worry of him wanting to bogart my salmon. When asked he said, "I would have to be starving on a deserted island before I'd eat that, and even then if I was alive enough I'd make a fire and cook it first!". I should mention he's never tried it, so I say he doesn't know what he's missing. =)

There you have it, my weekly indulgence and how I make it something special.

Catch ya on the flip side! (See what I did there? "Catch" and sushi? Get it? Never mind it must be late.)


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Jessika_Vegas said...

Although I am not a fish person, which includes Sushi, I love FOOD, and food presentation.

This plate is BEAUTIFUL!! Have to agree with your "Guy" though, I would be right there with him building the fire.. LOL

Love ya Gwen, and don't I won't bogart your Tuna Rolls anytime soon.